How Panchakarma Works

Panchkarma is a unique experience that leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Panchakarma - Benefits

For the treatment of neurological disorders, partial paralysis, acute & chronic back ache & for many ailments affecting the brain, Gout, joint pain, Rheumatism.These panchakarma treatments are effectively utilized for prevention as well as curative, to improve immunity as well as for rejuvenation-ultimately for the harmony of the body- mind -soul. Post Traumatic and post-surgical disabilities are treated effectively by ayurvedic, panchakarma procedures. Kerala has modulated many special treatments to suit the needs of patients and to cure diseases. They include various irrigation therapies and fomentation combined with massage. Pizhichil, Navara kizhi and Sirodhaara, some of the Kerala specialties, constitute major tools in rejuvenation therapy and in providing relaxation to the stressed and strained.

Panchakarma Procedures

Panchkarma is a unique experience that leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Numerous diseases result from the development of poisons in the body that can debilitate the working of its natural guards such as the lymph, circulatory, and immune systems. Panchkarma advances elimination of toxins from the body. This is how panchakarma works.

However, dissimilar to other detoxification programs, Panchkarma is a delicate procedure that accomplishes deep cleansing without discomfort, permitting the reviving energies of the body to flow freely.

The fundamental point of this treatment is to take out the inside causative components of the sicknesses. Extensive amounts of lethal by-products are formed in the body as a consequence of the persistent metabolic procedure. Although a large portion of these poisons is wiped out naturally by the body’s excretory framework, some may get kept in the different tissues of the body, which ensures the vitiation of Doshas, Dhatus and so forth and after that, the normal working of the system is hindered. Also, ailments causing toxins are aggregated in the body as an after effect of different components of unhealthy lifestyle, wrong food habits, an incompatible combination of food items, suppression of the body urges, emotional imbalance and so on. This is how panchakarma works.

Purva Karma

(Preparatory Procedures)

Snehanam- Oileation Therapy

Snehanam is a process of olieation. In this process medicated oils applied externally on the body or given orally. The nature of oil is different from person to person selected according to the condition of the body.

Swedanam – Sudation Therapy

Swedanam Meaning sweating and much of this method of Panchakarma Therapy are in preparing the toxins for elimination, through oil and sweating therapies. The oil application and sweating therapy helps in bringing the toxins into the digestive tract for elimination.

Pradhan Karma

(Main Procedures)

Vamanam – Emesis Therapy

Important one in panchakarma, vananan (Emesis) is a process by which the toxins are eliminated through the mouth. Done only after proper internal and external operation of the body. A specially prepared decoction is given to the patient for proper induction of emesis. In this highly result-oriented method vomiting is induced artificially by giving herbal emetic drugs to expel body waste like mucous in the respiratory tract and alimentary canal. Effective treatment for diseases caused by “Kapha Dosha” ie. A chronic cough, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Indigestion, Insanity etc..

Virechanam – (Purgation Therapy)

In this procedure purgation is induced by giving safe herbal purgatives orally for eliminating body waste materials after bringing them to the small intestine, large intestine, rectum and finally through anal route. Effective treatment for Diseases caused by vitiation of “Pitha Dosha”, Liver Disorders, Ascites and Chronic constipation, Insanity, Insomnia, Epilepsy etc.

Paschat Karma

(Conclusion Procedures)

Rasayanam - Medications Therapy

Specially prepared mixture medicines of Chavanprasham type is prescribed to the patient to be taken for 90-120 days after the panchromatic treatment to fortify the various systems of the human body to their best performance, i.e maintain the benefits of Ayurveda for a very long period after the treatment. This Rejuvenation can be done only after a)removing impurities and b) building back the organs systems and tissues to regular normal state.

Samsarjan- Diet and Lifestyle Therapy

A special lifestyle and Diet and Nutrition plan is suggested to the patient which will aid in preventing recurrence of erstwhile diseases, improving immunity and enhancing longevity